YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED a deduction of $ 7.00 for dues on you account. This deduction allows our Credit Union to be a member of Credit Union Central of Ontario, and be a part of a large network of Credit Unions in Ontario and across Canada.
Credit Union Central of Ontario is a financial and trade service organization that assists Credit Unions in providing quality services and products to their members. There are 178 Credit Unions who belong to Credit Union Central of Ontario representing over one million Credit Union members in Ontario. These Credit Unions own and democratically control Central.
Through our membership in Central, we participate in the INTERAC and PLUS System networks, which allows you to use automated teller machines around the world. As members of Central, we are also part of the Canadian Payments Association, the body that governs the clearing and settlement of cheques and electronic financial transactions in Canada.
Through Central, our membership makes us part of a national/ international network of financial and co-operative organizations. Your dues also support Credit Union Central of Canada representing close to 900 Credit Unions across the country, the World Council of Credit Unions and the Co-operative Association.

Among the services we receive:

Market Development monitoring the financial service industry for trends
and issues that help us stay competitive.
Product development working together in Ontario and Canada to
develop innovative financial products and services for you.
Government Relations giving us a united voice in our dealings with all
levels of government.
Member Services: Sharing information, identifying needs, fostering a
good public image and establishing joint ventures.

As the system central banker, Central also provides a variety of financial services such as a deposit and lending services, asset/liability management, risk management, current account services and cheque clearing. Through Ontario and Canadian Central's, we are a part of a national liquidity pool that represents the security and stability of our Credit Union.

Together, the services offered by our Central are helping Credit Unions increase their competitive advantage, and are providing our members innovative products and services

Thank you for your support.
Surcharge - Free ATM Network
More than a million Ontario credit union members will soon be able to access their money at inter-financial institution ATMs across Canada without being surcharged through the "THE EXCHANGE® Network"

THE EXCHANGE® is a shared network of ATMs across the country that allows cardholders from any participating financial institution to access full function ATM services, including withdrawal and deposit-taking services on a surcharge-free basis. Cardholders of participating financial institutions will also have access to 56,000 ATMs in the U.S. to perform withdrawal transactions without being surcharged.

When all credit union ATMs are online with THE EXCHANGE® next spring, credit union members will have convenient access to 1,700 ATMs across Canada for surcharge-free deposits and withdrawals.

In addition to Ontario credit union ATMs, THE EXCHANGE® Network includes most credit unions in British Columbia, Citibank Canada, Manulife Bank of Canada, HSBC Bank Canada, Canadian Western Bank and the National Bank of Canada.

Widespread participation in THE EXCHANGE® Network will not only create broader access to ATM services, credit union members who use THE EXCHANGE® ATMs versus conventional ATM networks will save an average of $1.50 per transaction.

Click on "The Exchange®" ATM Locator icon on our home web page (www.opcu.com) above the privacy statement button to locate an ATM near you.


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